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Our Approach

We love Candy Apples and are committed to pouring and dipping our heart into each product offered. For decades our business has been based on offering quality snack foods to families like yours.

We care and work hard at utilizing a safe and clean processing environment. Our goal is always to treat your family like our own.

Our Candy Apple flavor combinations are endless and new flavors along with customer suggestions happen daily. By placing the right mix of interesting toppings on a Candy Apple, we will always bring out the wide-eyed excitement and smile of any child. In fact, a perfectly dipped Candy Apple can bring out the spirit of a child in a person of all ages. If you have a new flavor idea, please let us know!

At BuyCandyApples.com, we care about the quality of every item available. We GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction.

Our Story

The BEST Candy Apples on Long Island!

BuyCandyApples.com is a division of the Knot of this World Pretzel Company. The business started in 1920 at a tiny local store in Brooklyn, New York. The very first Candy Apple was hand dipped by the Italian grandfather of the current proprietor and Executive Chef, Mr. Ray Ruffino.

Ray's grandfather dipped Candy Apples the old-fashioned way. He did it by hand with LOVE and PRIDE to complete perfection. Remember that old-time look of tasty Candy Apples coming from the concession stands at Coney Island? Chances are the delicious and alluring treats were dipped and produced by Grandpa Ruffino himself.

Decades later Ruffino's father and uncle took their snack food empire which included treats such as candy apples, soft pretzels, cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade and Italian ices to a new home on Long Island. They built their business with the same LOVE and PRIDE as their father.

At a very young age, Ray's dad shared with him the importance of quality fresh products. He said that they should always be made with the best ingredients and creativity to capture any snack food lover’s imagination and appetite.


In 1986, it was Ray's turn to take the family's snack food company to a higher level. Out of respect for his dad and uncle along with the help of his first cousin, the young Ruffino created Knot of this World. He began to build the franchise bigger than ever with even more delicious products and services. He found Candy Apple making a home in the Tri-County Flea Market in Levittown.

Today with the company's primary location still in Levittown at the newly-named Unique Bazaar, Ruffino features a dedicated staff of food service professionals. Come in and visit BuyCandyApples.com at Knot of this World. Have a seat and enjoy a sweet, hand-dipped Candy Apple with your favorite toppings.

If you cannot make it to the store, then reach out to our friendly staff right here at BuyCandyApples.com.

We even deliver special orders right to your location for all of your party and event needs.

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